Catherine Hickland The Hypnotist
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Catherine Hickland The Hypnotist

Date: Oct 05 - Oct 13, 2012
Location: Hometown Stage
Fascinated by the mind and how it works, Catherine's passion for hypnosis began when she was still in her teens. A Clinical Hypnotherapist, she is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, and lovingly assists people of all ages to overcome fears, phobias, heartbreak, and negative programming which holds them back from their highest potential.

She is a highly sought keynote speaker on the mind/body connection and how understanding it can help people achieve their goals. Or, as she puts it, she "helps people get out of other people's heads, and back into their own." Catherine firmly believes that many illnesses are created in the mind and that self mastery can heal a life. She has assisted countless people in letting go of weight, smoking, addictions, low self esteem, and many other mental blocks. She uses regression to uncover the mysteries of unfounded fears and she motivates sales teams as easily as sports teams.

After a successful career entertaining on stage, films, and television, it was a natural evolution to take her passion for hypnosis to the stage. In 2008, she followed in the footsteps of one of her girlhood heroes, Pat Collins the "Hip Hypnotist," (whom she dedicates every show to) and began performing Stage Hypnosis with her unique and inspiring show, AN EVENING WIH THE HYPNOTIST, a comedy hypnosis show that entertains and delights her audiences while at the same time, demonstrating just how powerful their minds actually are. Most people leave the theatre inspired to beleive there is nothing they can't do, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Known as the "Trance Former" she can speed trance a subject in less than 20 seconds. CATHERINE HICKLAND, AN EVENING WITH THE HYPNOTIST is entertaining, family friendly, hilariously funny, and delivers a powerful message.