H-E-Buddy Barnyard
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H-E-Buddy Barnyard

Date: Oct 07 - Oct 17, 2021
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Find lots of family-friendly events in the H-E-Buddy Barnyard including children’s activities and much more.

Petting Zoo presented by Pilgrim's Pride
This petting zoo consists of deer, antelope, kangaroos, wallabies, llamas, alpacas, sheep, camels and exotic cattle. All animals are hand raised and love interaction with people.

Noah's Way Nursery & Birthing Center
If you’ve never experienced livestock giving birth first hand, this is a must-see educational exhibit. Stop by to check out the expecting mothers, newborns and, if you have good timing, the miracle of birth itself.

Farmer Phil presented by H-E-B
He's the man with an EAR for CORNy jokes! Farmer Phil entertains and educations children and adults about agriculture!

Texas Farm Bureau’s "Doorways to Ag"
Texas Farm Bureau’s "Doorways to Ag" opens the door to a whole new world through an interactive agricultural exhibit for all ages. Folks can see and learn how a little bit of agriculture is in almost everything you use. Open daily.
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