Calf Scramble
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Calf Scramble

Date: Oct 11 - Oct 16, 2022
Time: 7:00 PM
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Calf Scramble Monthly Report

Calf Scramble Report

2022 Heart O' Texas Fair & Rodeo Calf Scramble

One HOT Rodeo: Calf Scramble & Chute Out

The Heart O' Texas Calf Scramble, presented by Brazos Masonry, is not only a crowd favorite event during the One HOT Rodeo, but it is also a significant part of our competitive events program. In 2021, the program had 100 students from across Texas participate in earning over $47,000 in calf scramble certificates. Additionally, the program gave away over $7,000 in scholarships.

HOT CHUTE-OUT: The top three (3) contestants from each scramble performance will qualify to scramble again on the final Sunday of the rodeo and will receive an upgraded Purchase Certificate of $1,000 upon scrambling. The Top Five (5) who catch at the Chute-Out will earn additional funds towards their Purchase Certificate. This certificate goes towards the purchase of a heifer, lamb, goat or swine to exhibit at the Heart O’ Texas Livestock Show!

One HOT Rodeo: Scramble Stampede

Held over the three days of the PRCA Permit Rodeo, this brand new event promises high energy and high payouts. Selected scramblers will compete in a tournament for the chance to win $1,000, $2,000, or $5,000 purchase certificates. We will start with 16 scramblers. On day one, they will compete to catch eight calves and a $1,000 purchase certificate. On night two, those eight scramblers return in an attempt to catch one of four calves and an upgraded $2,000 purchase certificate. Then, on the final night, the last four scramblers standing return to the arena to race after one calf and a $5,000 purchase certificate.

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