Calf Scramble
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Calf Scramble

DATE(S): October 4 - 6, and 8 - 13, 2024

LOCATION: Extraco Coliseum

Our Scramble Events

Why have just one scramble when you can have two? The Heart O' Texas Fair & Rodeo hosts the PRCA Permit Finals and the Texas Circuit Finals and with two rodeo events, comes two calf scrambles. Both events offer the same high-energy excitement that rodeo fans have come to love, learn more about our scrambles below.

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Calf Scramble & Chute-Out

Calf Scramble:
The Heart O' Texas Calf Scramble is our "traditional" Calf Scramble event. It is a fan favorite here at the One HOT Rodeo and a staple of our Ag & Competitive Events program.

This event will take place over five nights. Each night 20 scramblers from across the state of Texas will compete to catch one of our 10 rowdy rodeo calves. If you catch a calf, you are awarded a $750 Purchase Certificate to go towards the purchase of a heifer, lamb, goat, or swine project.

The excitement doesn't stop there.

The first 3 kids to catch from each night of our Calf Scramble are invited back to our Chute-Out. The Chute-Out takes place on the final Sunday of the Heart O' Texas Fair & Rodeo. Each scrambler that qualifies for the Chute-Out is automatically upgraded to a $1,000 Purchase Certificate. These 15 scramblers will race to catch one of 5 calves, if they do, their Purchase Certificate will receive even more funds. With the first catch of the night receiving a $5,000 Purchase Certificate.

Scramble Stampede

This is a tournament-style scramble held over the three days of the PRCA Permit Finals. We start the weekend with 16 scramblers and will end with one lucky scrambler holding a $5,000 Purchase Certificate.

So how does it work?

On Night 1, all 16 selected scramblers will compete to catch one of our 8 rodeo calves. If they manage to snag a calf, they have secured themselves a $1,000 Purchase Certificate.

On Night 2, the 8 scramblers that caught on Night 1 will return to scramble again, but this time, there are only 4 calves. If they catch, $1,000 will be added to their Purchase Certificate for a total of $2,000.

On Night 3, the final 4 return to the rodeo arena for one last scramble. 4 calves will be released, first to catch a calf and bring it to the center of the arena will win the coveted $5,000 Purchase Certificate.

How Do I Scramble?

  1. Make sure you meet the requirements:
    • At least 12 years old, as of August 31 of that year, and no older than your Junior year of high school
    • Must be a minimum of 100 pounds
    • No broken bones, or evidence of recent injury
    • Must be an active 4H or FFA member, in good standing
    • Able to purchase, care for, and show a livestock project for the next year
  2. Submit your application. All applications must be submitted online through your Ag Teacher or County Agent.
    • You are allowed and encouraged to submit applications for both scramble events.
    • If you are entered in the Scramble Stampede, you must be willing and able to attend all three nights.
    • If you are selected for the Scramble Stampede, your application will be removed from the Calf Scramble applicant list.
  3. You are selected to scramble or as an alternate, you must report to the Calf Scramble room on the night of the rodeo on time and ready to go.
    • That means you're in jeans, closed toed shoes, no hat, and no jewelry. If you wouldn't want to lose it in the arena, don't wear it.
  4. After you have secured your Purchase Certificate, you'll purchase, raise, and show either a heifer, lamb, goat, or swine project. In addition, you'll be required to write monthly letters to your sponsor, submit expense reports to the office, and apply for one of our Calf Scramble scholarships.

2023 Calf Scramblers

This program would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. Your sponsor cares about you and your progress with your animal. Make sure you are writing and submitting your monthly reports. Your letters and expense reports are due on the last day of every month.
As a reminder, the letters you submit (on time) will be judged by the Calf Scramble committee for the Record Keeping Scholarship.


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